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Type : intp
Age : 54
Lieu : gondecourt
Emploi : sans
Inscription : 25/07/2010
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Message(#) Sujet: help help Icon_minitimeDim 25 Juil 2010, 12:53

un peu desepéré le titre non ?
je suis nouveau , je viens de decouvrir le mbti qui m a mené jusqu ici
bonjour a tous . j aimerais vous dire qui je suis et s avoir s il existe des personne pareilles . j ai perdu mon emploi encore ou je suis viré ou je pars , mais ca fini toujours mal . g 40 ans je m interresse a la psychologie ey le seul profil qui me corresponde est celui de l adulte a haut potentiel j aimerais faire un test de qi pour savoir si c vrai. g vu que les intp sont des profils inteligent . est ce que quelqu u comprend mon besoin de savoir si oui ou non je suis hp . est ce que quelqu un se reconnais . dites moi quoi faire merci
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Type : INXP
Age : 33
Lieu : INXP
Emploi : Etude
Inscription : 14/12/2010
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Message(#) Sujet: Re: help help Icon_minitimeVen 03 Juin 2011, 03:51

Rational Role Variants-The Architect

The Architect [INTP]
Architectonics is the science of spatial relationships--organization,
structure, build, configuration-and Architects from a very early age are
preoccupied with spatial relativity and systems design. But INTPs must
not be thought of as only interested in configuring three-dimensional spaces
such as buildings, bridges, and machines; they are also the architects of
curricula, of corporations, and of all kinds of theoretical systems. In other
words, INTPs are men and women whose aim is to design systemic structures
and to engineer structural models. All of these Architects look upon the
world as little more than raw material to be reshaped according to their
design, as formless stone that must yield to their coordinate lines of demar-
cation. Indeed, in their later years (after finding out that most others are
faking an understanding of the laws of nature), INTPs are likely to think of
themselves as the master organizers who must pit themselves against nature
and society in an unending effort to create organization out of the raw
materials of nature. Where the Mastermind Rationals are would-be masters
of order, the Architect Rationals would-be masters of organization.
As a variant of Plato's Rationals and Aristotle's Dialecticals, the INTPs
are little different from the other NTs in most respects. Like all the Rationals,
they are abstract in communication and utilitarian in how they implement
their goals. They choose to study science, are preoccupied with technology,
and work well with systems. Their point of view is pragmatic, skeptical,
relativistic, focused on spatial intersections and intervals of time. They
base their self-image on being ingenious, autonomous, and resolute. They
would if possible be calm, they trust reason, are hungry for achievement,
seek knowledge, prize deference, and aspire to be wizards of science and
technology. Intellectually, they are prone to practice strategy far more than
diplomacy, tactics, and especially logistics. Further, with their probing or
exploring nature they tend to opt for the Engineer's informative role rather
than the quick-scheduling Coordinator's directive role. And because they
are reserved and highly attentive they seem to prefer the role variant of
Architect over Inventor.
Architects are rare-say one percent of the population-and therefore
not to be encountered in ordinary places, or if encountered, not recognized.
For this type of Rational, the world exists primarily to be analyzed, under-
stood, and explained. External reality in itself is unimportant, a mere arena
for checking out the usefulness of ideas. What is important is that the
underlying structures of the universe be uncovered and articulated, and
that whatever is stated about the universe be stated correctly, with coherence
and without redundancy. Curiosity concerning these fundamental structures
is the driving force in INTPs, and they care little whether others understand
or accept their ideas. Architects will learn in any manner and degree they
can. If knowledge can be gathered from observing someone or taking
some action, then such is worthwhile; if not, then not.
Architects prize intelligence in themselves and in others, and seem
constantly on the lookout for the technological principles and natural laws
upon which the real world is structured. The cognitive scanning of INTPs
is not global and diffuse like an NF's; on the contrary, Architects limit
their search to only what is relevant to the issue at hand, and thus they
seem able to concentrate better than any other type. Architects can also
become obsessed with analysis. Once caught up in a thought process, that
process seems to have a will of its own, and they persevere until they
comprehend the issue in all its complexity. Moreover, once INTPs know
something, they remember it. With their grand desire to grasp the laws of
unity and diversity, they can be a bit snobbish and may show impatience at
times with others less endowed with engineering ability, or less driven.
Unfortunately, their pride in their ingenuity can, at times, generate hostility
and defensive maneuvers on the part of others.
Architects exhibit the greatest precision in thought and language of all
the types. They tend to see distinctions and inconsistencies in thought and
language instantaneously, and can detect contradictions in statements no
matter when or where the statements were made. Only sentences that are
coherent carry weight with them, and thus authority derived from offic.e,
credential, or celebrity does not impress them. Like the ENTPs, INTPs are
devastating in debate or any form of adversarial discussion, their skill in
differential analysis giving them an enormous advantage in discrediting
their opponents' arguments and in structuring their own. They regard all
discussions as a search for understanding, and believe their function is to
eliminate inconsistencies, no matter who is guilty of them. It is difficult
for an INTP to listen to nonsense, even in a casual conversation, without
pointing out the speaker's error, and this makes communication with them
an uncomfortable experience for many.
This type of Rational is the logician, the mathematician, the technologist,
the scientist-that person given to any pursuit that requires architectonics,
systems analysis, or structural design. Mind you, architecting is not the
Artisan's fitting of physical shapes into pleasing forms, but the more abstract
process of designing models. For the Architect, the model is the thing,
whether a two, three, or four dimensional model.
It is hard for some types to understand these terse, observant Engineers
because of their complex and technical speech and their avoidance of
redundancy. However, they can be excellent teachers, particularly for ad-
vanced students, although here again they rarely enjoy much popularity,
for they can be hard taskmasters. They are not good at clerical jobs and are
impatient with routine details. They prefer to work quietly, without inter-
ruption, and often alone. They are inclined to be shy except when with
close friends, and their reserve is difficult to penetrate. For all these reasons,
INTPs are often seen as difficult to know, and are seldom perceived at
their true level of competency. If an organization is to use their talents
effectively, Architects must be given an efficient support staff who can
capture their ideas as they emerge and before they lose interest and turn to
another idea.
Architects take their mating relationship seriously and are faithful and
devoted-albeit preoccupied at times, and somewhat forgetful of appoint-
ments, anniversaries, and other common social rituals. They are not likely
to welcome much social activity at home, nor will they arrange it, content
to leave the scheduling of social interactions to their mate. If left to their
own devices, INTPs will retreat into the world of books and emerge only
when physical needs become imperative. Architects are, however, even-
tempered, compliant, and easy to live with-that is, until one of their
principles is violated, in which case their adaptability ceases altogether.
They prefer to keep their desires and emotions to themselves, and may
seem insensitive to the desires and emotions of others, an insensitivity that
can puzzle and frustrate their mates. But if what their mates are feeling is a
mystery to them, Architects are keenly aware of what their mates actually
say and do, and will often ask their mates to give a rationale for their
statements and actions.
Architects are devoted parents; they enjoy children, and are very serious
about their upbringing. Each of their children is treated as a rational indi-
vidual, with rights, privileges, and as much autonomy as that child can
handle safely. INTPs encourage their children to take responsibility for
their own lives and to chart their own course. They do not visit their own
expectations on their children and never attack them physically or verbally.
When safe to do so Architects let the natural consequences of their children's
actions teach them about reality. When this is unsafe, they somehow contrive
to design logical consequences to inform their children's actions.

source: Book:
David Keirsey - Please Understand Me II
Keirsey Temperament Website :
Rational - Portrait of the Rational Architect (INTP)

Good luck!
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Type : INTP 5w4 Sp/Sx (Ti,Ne,Si,Fe)
Age : 36
Lieu : Lorraine (57)
Emploi : Employé
Inscription : 03/02/2011
Messages : 18

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Message(#) Sujet: Re: help help Icon_minitimeVen 24 Juin 2011, 09:34

@flines a écrit:
un peu desepéré le titre non ?
g 40 ans je m interresse a la psychologie ey le seul profil qui me corresponde est celui de l adulte a haut potentiel j aimerais faire un test de qi pour savoir si c vrai. g vu que les intp sont des profils inteligent . est ce que quelqu u comprend mon besoin de savoir si oui ou non je suis hp . est ce que quelqu un se reconnais . dites moi quoi faire merci

Salut flines et bienvenue

Oui, moi je me reconnais, par ailleurs va voir mon topic ici

L'intelligence, c'est comme un parachute, quand on n'en a pas, on s'écrase...
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Message(#) Sujet: Re: help help Icon_minitime

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